Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions Tourism

Exhibitions and conferences are the most important economic, social, cultural and political instruments. The development of the regulatory environment and government procedures, the development of human and marketing capabilities, as well as the development of hotels and exhibition and conference facilities are included in MICE tourism. We can offer tourism from a different activity such as: "Exhibition and Conference Market", "Meeting Industry", "Business Events" and "Business Tourism". The aim is to set up a big hike that is within a specific framework you will be facilitates the handling, development and marketing of various components. In addition, our clients have established special services. Investments have increased in the companies, and the number of employees has increased, even to an important economic source, and a specialized industry that has its own entity, with bodies that are supervised and cared for, such as exhibitions and conferences. Although the sector is generally stable internationally, it is witnessing remarkable growth in the Middle East, providing facilities and services, and adequate infrastructure. In view of the importance of the exhibitions and conferences sector in the development of the economy of the Kingdom in general, and tourism in particular, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage gave this sector special attention. The Ministry and the Authority have endeavored to cooperate with their partners such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Emirates of Regions, the Secretariats, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry to develop the elements of the exhibitions and conferences in the Kingdom. We provide the most beautiful welcome services, exhibitions, conferences and meetings.