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Marahaba and Welcome to Oman!
The beauties and wonders of the Sultanate are waiting for you!

A driver will be waiting to collect you at Muscat International Airport when you arrive. They will take you to a hotel in Muscat City where you will spend the night.

Discover Muscat, the jewel of the Arabian Sea. Walk through the detailed and colourful halls of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, sample the curiosities at Mutrah Souq, and explore the rare and fascinating artifacts of the Bait Al Zubair Museum. Finish the visit by stopping outside the vibrant Al Alam Palace in the Old City of Muscat.

In the morning your guide will come to collect you at the hotel lobby to take you into the heart of the country. You will start by exploring the East Coast, where you will jump into the Bimmah Sinkhole, hike and swim in the exciting Wadi Shab, visit the Dhow Factory in Sur, and finish the day off with an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the Green Sea Turtles.

After a day by the sea, it’s time to venture into the famous Wahiba Sands. In preparation for the dryness of the desert, we first bring you to Wadi Bani Khalid, where you can relax and swim in cool and quiet pools. Afterwards, your guide will bring you on the exciting off-road journey that leads to the desert camp where you will spend the night.

After the breathtaking wilderness of the last few days we take you to the interior of the country to soak up the rich cultural heritage of Oman. Explore the fort that dominates the center of Nizwa, with its impressive keep and intriguing museum, before visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bahla fort, and finally the elegant Jabreen Castle.

On this day you will explore the exquisite Jabal Akhdar. You will start the day with a stop at the village of Birkat Al Mouz with its world-renowned traditional irrigation system, before going up through the spectacular Wadi Muyadin to the Sayq Plateau. There you will visit the terraced villages of Al Aqor and Al Ayn and explore Wadi Bani Habib.

This day is dedicated to Jebel Shams, the tallest mountain in Oman at 3009 meters. On the way there you will visit old mudbrick town of Al Hamra and the mountain oasis village of Misfat Al Abrein to learn about the traditional way of life in inner Oman. Afterwards you will venture into Wadi Nakhr before going up to the Grand Canyon of Jebel Shams.

Drive through the colossal Hajar mountains through the pass in Wadi Bani Awf, providing you with a thrilling off-road adventure. In the canyon you will see the hidden village of billad sayt, nestled within the safety of the gorges. Once through the mountain pass you will visit the town of Nakhal before heading back to Muscat for the night.

Enjoy a day at your leisure! We recommend the following activities:

- A Day at a beach resort
- Doing some shopping in Mutrah Souq
- Visiting the Royal Opera House Muscat

Masalama – Safe Travel!

We hope to see you again soon!

A driver will come to your hotel in Muscat to bring you to Muscat International Airport for your departing flight. Before you go, don’t forget to have a last snack on some tasty Omani dates!


- Arrive at Muscat International Airport
- Pick-up at the airport and transfer to a Muscat City hotel
- Overnight stay in a Muscat City hotel
- Visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
- Visit the Mutrah Corniche and Souq
- Visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum
- Photo-stop at Al Alam Palace
- Overnight stay at a Muscat City Hotel
- Visit the Bimmah Sinkhole
- Hike and Swim in Wadi Shab
- Visit the Sur Boatyards
- Check-in to the Hotel
- Go Turtle-Watching in the evening
- Overnight stay in a Hotel in Sur
- Hike and Swim in Wadi Bani Khalid
- Drive into the Wahiba Sands desert
- Overnight stay in a Desert Camp
- Visit Nizwa Fort, Museum and Souq
- Visit Bahla Fort
- Visit Jabreen Castle
- Overnight stay in a Hotel in Nizwa
- Visit Birkat Al Mouz
- Visit Al Aqor and Al Ayn villages
- Visit Saiq Plateau
- Visit Wadi Bani Habib
- Overnight stay in a Hotel in Nizwa
- Visit Al Hamra Old Town
- Visit Misfat Al Abrein village
- Visit Wadi Nakhr
- Visit the Jebel Shams Grand Canyon
- Overnight stay in a Hotel in Nizwa
- Visit Billad Sayt
- Drive through Wadi Bani Awf
- Visit Nakhal
- Overnight Stay in a Muscat City hotel
A day at your leisure
Pick-up from the hotel and transfer to Muscat International Airport
Leave from Muscat International Airport